Thursday, February 5, 2009


I was going to start my second installment with a completely different game to this one, but I felt it appropriate to follow through after Alex Kidd in Miracle World with the second Sega Master System 2 game I ever clocked and that game is Tazmania!

To quote the back cover of the game:

"Join TAZ, the Tasmanian Devil as he whirls off in search of the world's biggest omelette. Nothing can stand in his way for long as he munches his way through an island filled with precarious plateaus, hostile jungles and crumbling ruins"

This game is pretty easy, there are five levels, where in each level there are three rounds with the third of each round being a boss round. The boss's in this game are really easy to kill. Firstly you come across a bull, then a boy with bows and arrows, then an alligator (probably the hardest of them all), then some witches and finally the bird albatross thing with the egg itself. (these characters probably have names but I can't really recall the cartoon itself so please if you know their names feel free to let me know).

You attack by spinning, it's easy to get carried away with the spinning and fall down the odd crevasse or two, but don't worry there are lives galore with this game and if you die you start at the beginning of the round you got up to and low and behold the life comes back. In most rounds there are two lives so if you make it to the second life and then die and start from the start of the round, make it to the second life then die again etc etc, you would amass a mighty amount of lives. (perhaps that could be a game in itself, but listening to the music of this game over and over again will make you want to take your own life). This game is so easy in fact that only a blind cat with no paws may require a continue ... but even then ...

I don't want to sound like I'm completely dissing this game because it is good fun but it definitely is a sometimes game ... I give it 6 out of 10 which is still a respectable score.

When you finally get to the egg it cracks and a little bird duck thing jumps out and calls you mama. Then the credits roll in front of a pink and blue sunset whilst the chicken thing is chasing you back and forth across the screen ... "The End"